Questo è il lavoro di classe svolto dagli alunni della 3^ D nell'anno scolastico 2003/04, durante lezioni di compresenza di SMCFM e Ed.Tecnica (proff.G.Caruba e M.Rossetto).

Il lavoro ha preso spunto da alcune attività di classe sull'elettricità realizzate in 3^ B l'anno precedente.

Gli esperimenti sono stati svolti dagli alunni usando materiali facilmente reperibili.



This is classwork done by the pupils of class 3^D in the school year 2003/04, during shared lessons of Science and Technical Education ( teachers Ms G.Caruba and Mr M. Rossetto).

The job was inspired by some classroom activities about electricity in another class, 3^ B, last year.

The experiments have been carried out by the pupils using easy to find materials, during school hours.

This set of units is, in part, the implementation and the follow-up of classroom activities done and stored up last year.

The first approach to the electricity topic was brainstorming and talks with the pupils :a) to elicit facts and information and b) to convey the basic concept of atom, electron, electric current, static electricity.

The next step was the planning stage, aiming at the further step: practical execution. In thte planning stage the pupils’ task was representation, either schematic or axonometric, with the help of the Extracad 5.0 software. So they gave their designs the proper dimensions, wrote a list of the necessary materials., etc.

Of course the part they found more interesting was the practical realization and the testing. The pupils doubted the devices for the electrostatics experiments would work, but, despite our poor equipment, everything went well.
The pupils worked in small groups, two or three people, and in the end they wrote a short technical report.

During the practical activities and the testing , I had the idea of shooting the pupils at work with a video camera.and the most interesting pictures are the ones I have enclosed.